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Holiday Gift Bundle

Holiday Gift Bundle

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Dive into a full-bodied sensory experience with our exclusive Holiday Gift Bundle! For just $40, pick any one of our captivating scents and receive a quartet of indulgence: a 4oz Body Wash, a 4oz Soufflé, a 2oz Shea Butter, and a Small Candle, all harmonized in your chosen aroma.

Scents to Choose From:

🔥 Fye: A bold, fiery aroma to spice up your self-care symphony.
🥭 Mango: A sweet, tropical delight to play the melody of a sun-kissed escape.
🍑 Peachy: A soft, fruity aroma to strum the chords of sweetness.
❤️ Passion: An invigorating blend to drum the beats of excitement.
💪 Manly: A strong, earthy scent to bass the rhythm of a grounded routine.

Immerse yourself in a thematic aromatic journey where every product plays a note in the orchestra of your chosen scent. Whether you groove to the rhythm of Mango or sway to the ballad of Manly, this bundle is your ticket to a fragrant symphony. Hurry, offer valid while supplies last! Create your own aromatic melody this Black Friday and dance to the tune of exquisite self-care.

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